Our Mission

Built Athleisure was built on the importance of function and practicality, while not compromising comfort and style. We are committed to motivate and empower a community where every woman knows she is made by God and can have the confidence to be healthy and beautiful.  We believe it is important to provide clothes that offer comfort and versatility, while remaining fashionable and built to last.

We know that many women struggle with body image comparison, but we are here to tell you that YOU are beautiful just the way you are! We are all different shapes and sizes and come from different backgrounds and guess what? THAT IS OKAY!

We want to celebrate who YOU are and all YOU are meant to be! We hope you feel accepted, motivated, and encouraged to pursue your healthy lifestyle and feel and look good while doing it. 
We are here to help you do just that!

We want you to know we get you; we see you, and we relate to you!
Here at Built, our mission is to help women find that empowerment and motivation to live healthy and strong lives. We pray that our products and clothes do just that! Built Athleisure is the embodiment of our own core values we have as a family: faith, family, health and wellness.