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Hydro Jug

Black Luxe Pro Sleeve

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Insulate like a pro.

The Pro Sleeve is designed with double layer, premium neoprene to keep your drinks cooler than ever. The Pro Sleeve comes with an adjustable strap for easy carrying that has sleeker and more discrete attachments. This Pro Sleeve provides you with two large pockets so you never have to leave any essentials behind.

Key Features:

  • Double Layer Insulation: To keep your drinks cooler, even longer.
  • Two Large Pockets: More storage space than ever before for all of your essentials.
  • Hidden Strap Attachment: So you can rock the Sleeve with or without the Strap.
  • Sleek Hook Design: To make it easier than ever to attach and detach the Strap.
  • Adjustable Carrying Strap: For convenient carrying

Pro Jug sold separately